Monday, 28 November 2011

Mix-Tape Monday #4 : A song from the best gig I have ever been to

As soon as I saw the theme for Boo and Me's Mix-Tape Monday this week it was always going to be between two of the most recent gigs I have been to - Elbow and the Arctic Monkeys.

Elbow are terrific live, I've never seen anything like the interaction Guy Garvey has with the audience before. I saw them first about 10 years ago and I don't think he spoke once - when I saw them earlier on this year though, he wouldn't stop!  I have to admit, on that particular night, it caused me to develop a bit of a man crush on him.  I even tweeted him after the gig to tell him (and again while I was watching them on telly at Glasters).  He never replied - deep down I like to think it's because his feelings were mutual and he just couldn't handle it.  He therefore had to cut me out of his life forever...

Arctic Monkeys are also amazing live.  I'm going to sound like my dad now but "they sound just like they do on record".  Also their energy live is second to none, they lack the interaction of Elbow, and I'm not too keen on Alex Turner's new haircut, but I've never been blown away like that at a gig before.  It is for that reason, and not because Guy broke my heart, that I am going to pick them over Elbow.

Now, which song to pick - they have so many great ones.  The obvious choice would be 'I bet that you look good on the dancefloor', other classics are of course 'The View from the afternoon', 'Brianstorm' and 'Mardy Bum'.  However, I am going to stick with what has been my favourite song of theirs since day one - 'When the sun goes down' - when played live, this is a belter!

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  1. The Arctic Monkeys are great live, saw them earlier this year. Fantastic gig.

  2. Great choices. Arctic Monkeys are one of those bands I wouldn't think to listen to at home but I'd love to see live, bet they're super.

  3. oo ooo ooo I picked them too! Good call daddio :D

  4. i totally agree with the Guy Garvey man crush thing.... amazingly charismatic front man. feels like he's talking right at you. and i'm pretty sure he was :)

  5. Nice work young man.. I agree Alex Turner is one hell of a talented writer and now starting to become as engaging a frontman as he is brilliant and his live performances are superb... maybe 505 live for me though !! Funny I think I have a bit of a (shhh) man crush on him too .. that said for engaging front men and truly superb live performances, his best mate Miles Kane has no equal having seen him in December!! I was really suprised by just how charastmatic and remarkable he was live.

  6. Nice choice! I liked the Arctic Monkeys from the off, but you never know whether a new band is going to go on to even bigger and better things, or fail miserably at the 'difficult' second album stage. So far, they've rocked it!