Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Tell me why I don't like funfairs

Last Sunday we went to a funfair.

The build up was lovely - we went for a pub lunch for a friend's birthday. Then, as it was the day of the Hertford Carnival, there was a parade through town. All very nice.

Once this was over though, THE FUNFAIR BEGAN!!!!!!

I haven't minded funfairs in the past but something cracked inside me that day and now I bloody hate them!!

I think this anger started on the Saturday, our usual scenic walk to take our 2 year old to her swimming lesson was ruined by the ugly funfair that had been plonked in the middle of the park. And man, are they ugly! Okay, I admit, I'm no oil painting myself but funfairs are right mingers!

So, as you can see, there was already a negative feeling towards them by the time Sunday came.

So the funfair began. Great. And this is a summary of what happened :

- we lost O, our 6 year old daughter, in the crowd. Not for long but, you know what it's like when you lose your kids, every second feels like an hour. Not a good start.

- some balloon sellers were approaching kids asking them if they wanted a balloon. Of course, the kids said "yes" and once the balloon was firmly in the child's hands, the balloon sellers turned to the parents and said "that'll be a pound, please". I saw a team do this on The Apprentice a couple of years ago and it drives me mad.

I responded with a "hang on" and gave the balloon back and then walked off. Alan, sorry, Lord Sugar would have been very proud of me. Although my kids haven't spoken to me since.

- the grab a bag stall - £2.50 a go and the toy is probably worth 10p from JTF (if you haven't been there I recommend it, it's great!) or something. Great mark up that but, for us parents, it means even more tat lying around the house. Actually, don't tell my kids but we've already put them in the prize bag collection for my 6 year old's school fete. Knowing our luck she'll win them back again!

- my friend's band was playing and they were completely drowned out by the funfair's music. Funfairs kill music - it's official!

Now, I moan, but, you know what, the kids bloody loved it. It was just like Disneyland to them. So we'd probably go back next year because of that but we'd definitely leave the buggy and scooters at home as it was impossible to negotiate the crowds with all that baggage (this didn't help my rage either).

And best of all were the bumper cars - now, I have to admit, they were bloody amazing!

So, what do you think of funfairs? Love 'em or hate 'em, it'd be great to hear your stories below.

Thanks for reading.