Friday, 2 December 2011

Fiction Fridays #4 : Cinderella's Bum

Like most 4 year olds (I hope anyway!), O's three favourite words at the moment are poo, wee and bum.  It is therefore no surprise that 'Cinderella's Bum' by Nicholas Allan (also responsible for the excellent 'The Queen's Knickers') is one of her favourite books at the moment.  It's very funny - I guarantee you will love it too!

The opening line is : "My big sister's always worried about her bum.  But I think it is lovely!"

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  1. Not heard of this, sounds like great fun!

  2. It has to be said she is rather booty-licious!

  3. I was thinking the same as Mammasaurus!

  4. As my LO is obsessed with "whose bottom" book at the moment, I think this is a must!

  5. Yep, poo, wee and bottom - sounds about right...

    My two year old also loves to announce 'I just dunna trump!' at frequent intervals too, usually accompanied by hysterical giggling...