Sunday, 18 September 2011

The musodad Spotify Playlist

Being a Spotify addict, there was no way I was going to write a Music Blog and not collate a Spotify playlist to run alongside it.  I've always loved building compilations.  I've still got so many cassettes in the loft which I started putting together from the age of about 14 - the only thing is I've got nothing to play them on now!

What I've decided to do in this case is nominate a musodad 'Song of the day' which will go straight onto the playlist for your listening pleasure.  The playlist will be available here - The musodad playlist

The first Song of the day is "Cigarettes in the Theatre" by Two Door Cinema Club.  It could have so easily been one of the other songs I heard in various High Street shops (see my last Blog post) over the weekend, however, given my poorly DD2 seemed to perk up when I played her the Irish trio's album yesterday, it's them who get my vote.

Oh and before I go, I'd like to dedicate this post to Terry Winstanley who appeared on X Factor tonight.  I have to admit that X Factor is a bit of a Guilty Pleasure of mine and what really stood out for me, when Terry was interviewed, was that he said he "lost touch with music after his children were born".  I, of course, can relate to that and now one of us is off to Boot Camp and another is writing a Blog about it.  Even though I doubt you'll ever read this, Terry - good luck...

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