Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Mimic Man and other holiday 'classics'

Have I mentioned yet that I’m a World Record Holder?  No? Blimey, how have I managed to keep that quiet?!  

You’d think, as a new Blogger, that would be the first thing mentioned in the first ever blog post to really grab people’s attention.  So, why haven’t I mentioned this before?  Well, it’s because my World Record is a bit rubbish.

I admit I’m no Usain Bolt – evidence of this is when I pulled my hamstring in the dads’ race at DD1’s Sports Day a couple of months ago – no, I am a World Record Holder in dancing with 300 other people (they were work colleagues, by the way, not a bunch of randoms brought together in some sick X-Factor type stunt!) to “Superman” by Black Lace whilst wearing 80’s gear.  I bet you’re so impressed, aren’t you?!!  It was for charity though which makes it a lot more credible.

Anyway, it is Black Lace, rather than my amazing world record, which has influenced this post.
The family and I went on holiday to Majorca in June.  It was our first trip abroad as a foursome and we had a bloody great time, thank you very much.  Anyway, one of the reasons for this was due to the excellent children’s entertainment that was on offer at the hotel – DD2 wasn’t that bothered as she was only about 7 months old at the time, however, 4 year old DD1 was in Heaven! 

Every night they had a Mini Disco at about 7pm and 11pm and during the day they had numerous activities e.g. mask making, swimming pool games, more mini discos and the odd dance off by the side of the pool – it was impossible for the kids to get bored.

Even for the adults, they had a Beatles tribute band, a Take That tribute band, a Glee night, a bloke singing various stuff, a bloke playing various stuff on guitar, it was brilliant and the kids loved these too.  But it was the Mini Disco that really stood out for me and this is where ‘The Mimic Man’ comes in…

The Mini Disco always consisted of between 5 and 7 of the child entertainers dancing on stage in front of their numerous, idolising fans (of which I was one).  Some of the songs they sang / mimed to were the obvious holiday ones - the ‘Cha Cha Slide’ by DJ Casper, ‘Follow the Leader’ by The Soca Boys and ‘Agadoo’ by you know who.  A couple of new songs I’d never heard before were one that went ‘Sunshine for me, sunshine for you, sun is shining everybody feels alright’, not quite up to Ivor Novello songwriting standards but still quite catchy and another called ‘Chu Chua’ a Spanish song originally sung by a clown called Pinon Fijo which is bloody catchy and was probably my favourite song of the holiday.  It must have been on the fourth night though when we were introduced to ‘The Mimic Man’ (don’t worry, we’re nearly there!)

If you haven’t already heard it, ‘The Mimic Man’ is a version of Black Lace’s (yep they’ve cropped up yet again in this blog post!) ‘The Music Man’.  It ‘mimics’ everyone from Tommy Cooper to Victor Meldrew via Michael Barrymore – go on YouTube and have a listen, just be warned that you’ll never get the 5 minutes back though.  Even if you just skip to the Frank Spencer bit – it goes “ooh Betty, ooh that’s nice” - it’ll be worth it.  I guarantee that you have never heard or will never hear anything like it again.  Oh and don’t stop there, find a website which shows the moves and dance away.  Get all the family in the room and dance together.  The moves are classic, I’ve no idea where the Frank Spencer one came from, and I can’t even describe it to you, it’s that unique.  But once you do bust that move you will never forget how to. 
This was the last song we danced to on holiday until about 11.30pm on the last night.  My wife recorded DD1 (who was on my shoulders) and I dancing to it and it brings back some great memories when we watch it.  Can’t wait until DD2 grows up so we can do it all over again…

N.B. Please note that, despite the positivity shown in this post, musodad does not promote the use of Black Lace in everyday life (on holiday you can get away with it though).  

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