Sunday, 1 January 2012

31 Bands to fall in love with in 2012

Happy New Year everyone - hope you had a good one.

Over here at musodad the new year means another new Spotify playlist.  Whereas the last playlist was all about rediscovering the past with #bandsthatshouldhavebeenbigger, the new playlist is all about discovering the bands of the future and which ones we might fall in love with in 2012.

That, in a nutshell is what the new playlist is all about. I'd like to add though that it's not necessarily brand new bands that I'm going to be raising a glass to, and making my 'Song of the day' on Twitter, over the next month. Elbow are the perfect example of a band who grafted for years to make a lot of people fall in love with them, so amongst the 'new kids on the block', there are going to be some 'old hats' - and one of these are about to release their third album. Oh and it's not just bands, by the way, some solo artists will be on the playlist as well.

In 2010, I fell in love with The Drums and in 2011 it was The Vaccines. This year who knows? I've a good feeling though that it might be the band who are going to kick the playlist off today. They are called Tribes and boy, they are good!

Anyway, there's a little teaser for you.  You can subscribe to / follow the Spotify playlist, and listen to a song by Tribes, here - 31 Bands to fall in love with in 2012

Oh and the reason there are 31 songs on this playlist when I always go on about 24 being the optimum number. Firstly, there were so many bands I wanted to include that I couldn't limit it to 24 and secondly, this could be my last playlist for a little while (I'll reveal more about that tomorrow) so I wanted to make the most of it and stretch it out over the month, I therefore chose 31 - one for every day in January.

Before I go though I also wanted to shamelessly plug my previous 6 Spotify playlists from 2011 :

Bands that should have been bigger Playlist

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this - again I was going to limit the playlist to the usual 24 songs but at the moment it stands at 35. Even a week after the playlist ended, bands are still being added (Modest Mouse were the latest addition). You can listen to the playlist here - Bands that should have been bigger

I'm still going to keep this one open so if you think of anymore then either comment below here or Tweet @musodad with the hashtag #bandsthatshouldhavebeenbigger and your choice will be added.

Top Of The Mums And Pops (TOTMAPs) Playlist

After I put together my 24 favourite songs of 2011 (see below), I wanted to know what yours were and this was the result. Again, thanks to everyone who contributed to this. We made it to the magic 24 number and you can listen to it here - TOTMAPs 2011

The Yuletide 24 - 2011 Playlist

These were my Top 24 songs of 2011 and you can listen to them here - The Yuletide 24 - 2011

Whistling Songs

This playlist was born out of The Yuletide 24. On the day that 'Lippy Kids' by Elbow was my Song of the Day, I asked Twitter what 'other songs with whistling in' they could think of and this was the result. Thanks again to everyone who contributed to it. You can listen to it here - Whistling Songs

24 sub-two minute wonders playlist

This does what it says on the tin - it contains 24 songs under two minutes long. Again a few people contributed to this (thank you) and there are some absolute beauties on here, it's definitely worth a listen - go on, you know you want to :o) - 24 sub-two minute wonders

The musodad playlist

This was the first ever Spotify playlist I put together for the musodad blog. It contains a number of songs that were relevant at the time e.g. songs I played at my ukulele lessons, songs I'd heard in High Street shops when I decided to start writing 'musodad' (see one of my first ever blog posts - When did High Street shops start playing such great music? - for more info) or just mean something to me e.g. they were my wife's ringtone when I first met her.

Again, I'd love for you to go and have a listen here - The musodad playlist

If you don't want to spend time clicking on every link above, search for 'spotify:user:musodad' in the search field on Spotify and you'll find me.

Right, that's about it from me for today - enjoy!


  1. Uh oh - the 31 song playlist is empty. I can load all the others. :-(

  2. Hello and Happy New Year! I probably should've made it clearer - I'm adding a new song to the playlist every day in January so by the 31st you will have the full playlist. I'll be Tweeting my Song of the Day in the evenings (UK time), once the kids are in bed, and then adding it to Spotify. A fantastic American band from Minneapolis will be Song of the day tomorrow. Hope you enjoy.

  3. Love the 31 bands playlist idea. I really struggle to get the time to connect with new music, with some exceptions (like our mutual The Vaccines love) so I will definitely be having a listen. Tribes sounded great.

  4. Thanks Pippa. Parents 'struggling to find the time to connect with new music' was my main inspiration for starting 'musodad' - it's great to hear I'm helping. It was exactly the same when my eldest was born - I even stopped reading NME! Once Spotify came along though it was a lot easier to find new music.

    There's a band called Alabama Shakes, who I think sound a bit like 'Adele with guitars', who could do well this year. They're not on Spotify though so won't be on the playlist, but look out for them.

    Oh and there's a We Are Hunted playlist that updates once in a while with the 99 'most talked about songs online at the moment'. This has some great new stuff to listen to. Will send you a link on Twitter.